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Quick Setup Guide

  1. Create an account for the conversion process
  2. Authorize access to your GA and GTM accounts, that’s where the magic will happen.
  3. Create a project within the account
  4. A project is a combination of a GTM account with a universal analytics property and the new GA4 property.
  5. Now you can start the migration process, just click on the migrate now button.
  6. Select the SaveGA configuration for the migration
  7. Click on the show me the tags button
  8. Select the tags you wish to convert
  9. That’s it! you did it! you can now go to your GTM account to find the new tags with the same naming convention you had for the universal analytics
    tag with a prefix of – GA 4 at the end. It’s always good practice to take a look at the tags and publish the tags.
  10. On the platform, you will now have a log screen for all the converted tags and you can see the changes we made to the tags.